Thursday, February 18, 2010

(Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze, Jouissance Productions-by Elena Benedettini)

Seeing as it's the month of the Amethyst, I thought it fitting to post some purple. Usually the color kind of annoys me, because it often seems to be worn in excess by annoying people. (The people you sometimes see them at the grocery store or local suburban mall clad in their purple floral embellished sweatshirt and amethyst heart earrings, carrying their lavender purse. Those people whose homes have purple color schemes that are crowded with purple throws, cushions, candles, and ceramic baby figurines.) I'm not saying there is anything wrong with those people, mind you. According to much new age philosophy, purple signifies high spiritual development.  I, in fact, have a huge soft spot for those new age types that dress like Stevie Nicks, especially the one that wear all purple lace and velvet. Those people are awesome and always have access to the best lavender bath salts and healing stones in the WORLD. Whatever, cheers purple.

(Tumbler, Sarlet Johansson, Marc Jacobs F/W 2009)

Amethyst  rock candy, and I just want to eat it! Also, it's...$16!!!
Amethyst Stone Nugget Necklace

(PURPLE Magazine with photographer TerryRichardson 9-2009, Modcloth Purple tights, Me in Meh purple tights photographed by Jefferson, Lavender fields forever)

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