Sunday, January 30, 2011

 ALL slit to there/cut to there and side boob!   

(TFS, Knight Cat, Fashion Toast, Mike and Chris Lookbook)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I love black, and gold ,and label whoring. Not always a bad thing, especially if it looks like Karl Lagerfeld/Gianni dressed you circa 1990. Not so into lables now, but I used to take labels very seriously as a tween, even though a lot of my lables weren't real. Couldn't afford the real thing. Think faux gold chain strap Versace Medusa head purses...which I purchased for myself from a flea market in Las Vegas, and carried around lovingly for years.  It was worn always accompanied with copious amounts of other fake gold accessories and tight dresses. I totally looked like a baby drag queen doing a tacky Patsy Stone, but you only live once.

(Moschino Pre FW 2010, Sandra's Closet, Vogue, Knight Cat, I Dig Vintage, Getty Images)