Thursday, February 4, 2010

Got my leopard print coat, finally! It's in perfect condition, looks to be mid-sixties vintage, with the original buttons. Unfortunately for me, it's too big. Selling on EBay I guess, but I really want it to have a good home with someone who will do it justice, someone who will hopefully wear it out with bright red platforms, and who enjoys The New York Dolls. I wish there was a way you could vet bidders. Anyway, of course I had to wear it out once. I had to have pictures. Immaculate leopard print coats don't come around very often, even if they don't fit.


  1. oh you are too cute.

    can't you have the coat altered, or just look like MK Olsen?

  2. I look like even more of a midget in it. And how horrible is it that my mom takes pictures that show my crotch and makes sure that those shots are the only ones that aren't blurry?