Saturday, February 13, 2010


Stephen Sprouse for Louis V. purse.  (I still can't believe those people with the garage sale let it go for $5.  Do they just have something against Steve?  Or Marc?  Did they think it was too 2001? Maybe they didn't realize what they were selling. Whatever. Thanks folks.)
On another side note, does my boyfriend not realize that the venetian blinds in his music room have like, never ever been dusted? Really dude? 


  1. love your leopard print date outfit! and my goodness... that is an awesome LV bag. seriously, $5?!??! xx

  2. Thanks! My boyfriend told me the scarf looked goofy, so he didn't get a valentine from me! Yes, 5 bucks! Bless people who like to have garage sales filled with designer merch!