Thursday, January 14, 2010

"This Is The Best Thing To Wear For Today, You Understand."

I went to Target for a few things today (baking soda and staples), and as usual, I found myself neck deep in a pile of clothes, posing in front of a 3-way mirror within 10 minutes of arriving. I never mean for this to happen, but it always does. This in itself was not unusual, however; my clothing choices were. Actually, I've noticed a remarkable change in my clothes shopping habits of late, and today was just another example of this developing trend. Gone was the safe and sparse pile of black and neutral garments, and in it's place were, among various other oddities: an extra-large silver faux fur monkey chubby (very Brian Jones), a tiger striped faux fur jacket (ditto), a navy and red filmy peasant blouse (Anita Pallenberg would love), an embroidered denim jumper (so summer 1977), white lace leggings (Kids Incorporated), a hot pink mesh blouse (Rodarte OK!), a bright floral tee (??), yellow flats with large gold buckles (ummm), and a colorful Versace-esque "circa 1989" scarf.  What ? Staring at myself in the mirror, head scarf securely in place, I realized who I had become....


Almost 30, hanging out at my parents house, making up song and dance numbers in a sarong, a closet full of old furs, and now wearing brightly colored head scarves... I get it. 

 BTW, the scarf was $.48 @ Target.

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