Thursday, January 14, 2010

In Dire need of Cool Bell Bottom jeans.

I have sworn off bell-bottoms for the last several years; and having lived without them for so long, the compulsion to slip on a pair has grown to epic proportions. There is nothing quite like the swooshing sound they make when you walk. It's time for me to find some bell bottoms ASAP. But they have to be actual bell bottoms. I don't want to mess around with a slight flared leg silhouette. I want a 30-40" flare! I want to be able to store small countries next to my ankles! The search is on, but I feel up to the challenge. I've already found some contenders:

I have been dreaming about those Bona Drag lace bell bottoms forever, but I really shouldn't spend $140, and the lace will probably wear out sooner than I'd like.  I think I need some pants that can take some abuse. 
Like these Seven For All Mankind jeans:

I feel really stupid getting jeans already ripped, so I will probably just wait until I find some at the thrift store, and just live in them until they are lovingly ripped. 

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