Sunday, January 17, 2010

I've always been a fan of big glasses.  I inherited/stole a pair of large cat eye sunglasses circa 1964?, from my mom when I was about 10, and I've been an fan ever since. Srlsy. The bigger the better, and I'm even good with  rhinestones. They are a brilliant invention, covering up blood shot, dark-circled, wrinkled up eyes.  They can make even plain people look mysterious and alluring.  And really, think about it, nobody likes to mess with people wearing big glasses.  Win win win.
Anyway, so today I watched a really crazy/interesting/thought-provoking movie, and I came to an important realization.  Here it is; big glasses can turn a tragedy into a triumph. I knew it all along, but this totally brought it home. See below.

The Plot: So what's a lady to do when her scorned ex-boyfriend hires a couple of thugs to throw acid in her eyes, rendering her blind, and later poverty stricken from paying the many medical bills caused by her eye injuries?  Well, she continues to dress fabulous and wear really big sexy sunglasses everywhere.  Fuck em.  Then she up and marries the ex-boyfriend after he gets out of jail, because he still loves her, writes a book about it that eventually becomes a movie, and spends the money she makes (and his money from working lots to support her lavish lifestyle of buying lots of fab clothes and even more sparkly sexy sunglasses).  And  because life can sometimes be alittle awesome and fair, our heroine gets the revenge she so deserves. For the rest of the her husbands life, she will be allowed to nag him constantly, making him cater to her every whim, as his balls shrink back into him and he regrets the day he ever made the fateful decision to hire a couple of thugs to throw acid in her eyes because she scorned him. Bam. It happens like this. Watch the movie.

(PS: This is a true story - )

Yes, this is a screwed up story, but I've got to hand it to the heroine, Linda Pugach.  She is still hot at 70 something, and  it seems like she got the last laugh. Good for her.

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