Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Studs!

Just got these rad new studded wedges on ebay. $14 whole dollars!  I know that I'm unemployed, and I shouldn't be buying ANYTHING!!!, but I couldn't resist, especially for the price!  I have decided to wear them with everything for awhile, or at least until sandle season stars.  I completely adore them, and they go perfectly with my other recently acquired treasure, a velvet body con dress that ACTUALLY FITS like a body con and doesn't require tailoring!  (OK, well, I shortened the straps a bit.)  Not a small feat when you are the size of a sixth grader.

Trying to be all grunge-gothtastic

Getting in touch with my Spanish roots.

(Faux Fur Jacket/Body con dress/Scarf/Knit hat/Jewelry: Thrifted vintage, Sweater: Bebe, Wedges: Antebi per Ebay)


  1. very very very cute shoes, such a bargain you got there!