Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Helping Hands

In love with Hussein Chalayan's S.S. Ten. Besides being all Greek godessy and seventies Bianca Jagger in Halston, some of the garments have these weird human hands. So here's some pics from this weirdo collection.

Divine Ms. B. in and Mr. H.
Helping Hands.

(Shala.the pop, Atlantis Home, Tumbler, Greek Islands.us, Million Hands, The Bag Snob, Come Spy With Me)


  1. great post! i love chalayan's work- especially those HANDS! so creepy and awesome. ~joelle

  2. your profile description is the most honest ive seen so far, its great :)

    Oh Labyrinth! God bless Bowie and the sock he stuffed down those leggings :D

  3. TOANWTS: Creepy is good!
    AS: Thanks!
    But really, that was a sock???! ;)

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