Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thigh Highs?

This so reminded me of...
And this:

 and this too:

Yes please, and thanks.

Digging the thigh-highs. I used to wear them, but they got to be too much hard work.  First off, I could never find matching ones. I'd grab one fishnet and one lace, then I'd dig around and come up with a semi-sheer. Add to this, the fact that my garter belt(s) always seemed to be lost just when I needed them.  Inevitably, I would find one after a few frantic minutes of searching, but it would never be the same color as the thigh-highs I had on, and though this doesn't really matter because  a) nobody will see it, unless the barista at your local coffee joint is cute, and you think it's fun and flirty to flash a little leg, but who is really that whorish anyway??  or b) maybe your significant other will see the whole deal later in the evening, but really they should be damn thrilled that you put on thigh-highs and garter belt in the first place to even consider complaining about them not matching.  (And BTW, I know I should have my lingerie organized into nice little Ikea compartments so they don't get lost, but I don't think many people stick to things like drawer organizers unless they are really anal and Type A, both of which I am not, nor do care to be, except in the morning when I am running late for work/coffee!)  Plus, have you ever tried to wear thigh-highs in the dead of winter? Your parts freeze. It sucks. Trust me, I've been there.  I thought I had frostbite. All in there. Yeah. This is why I'd given up on bloody thigh-highs...till now.  Because everyone's doing it.  But I'm going to make it easy on myself.  I'm going to try just wearing one. Just for fun.
But I really wish my legs looked like this:
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