Monday, June 21, 2010

Classy Red Keds

Kyle could wear a garbage bag and look hot.  I'm in love with Kyle and his outfits most everyday, but when he wears his red Plimsoll kicks, I love him even more.  (It really is some bull that my throw away camera takes dreary pics like this.  His shoes really do make his outfit, and you can't see them!!)

Red shoes always = WIN.

(Jacket: Thrifted, Jeans: Halls, Tee and Kicks:

I loved the shoes so much on Kyle, I went out to get a replacment pair of red kicks for my fashionable boyfriend, since his were wearning thin. I wanted to get him a sturdier pair, since his Keds fell apart so easily, but Urban Outfitters was all out of their red faux leather Plimsolls.  I went ahead and grabbed him a black pair.  They'll do for now. This is how he felt about them:


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