Sunday, May 16, 2010

 That 4th and Bleeker blog girl is annoying me today.  She hasn't eaten in years, but boy does she look good. Clemence Poesy is looking pretty great too. They look like they could be related.  Good for them.
Meanwhile, I still need more hats.

(4th and Bleeker, Carousel, Marianne, J. Crew SS 2010, Vogue Paris 9/2009)


  1. i totally had to stop looking at 4th and bleeker's blog, b/c her perfectness made me want to vom everytime i saw her face.

    maybe that's how she got so skinny.

  2. that open-mouth thing she does is annoying. someone is going to drop something in there she doesn't want! this is probably just my jealousy speaking. of course.